Canadian Friends of Soviet People


Our Constitution


The name of the Association is ‘Canadian Friends of Soviet People’


The Canadian Friends of Soviet people is independent self-governing organization whose aims and purpose are below

Aim and Purppose

To extend and strengthen normalization of relations and promote knowledge of Canada among organizations in the former USSR with aims comparable to ours.

We Will

  • Encourage multi-faceted cultural exchanges between the people of Canada and Soviet people, covering the graphic and performing arts,sciences, literature and education, music and recordings, and sports; including exchanges  between public organizations, religious organizations, municipal and parliamentary groups , trades unions, farmers organizations, women’s organizations, youth groups, native peoples’ and fraternal organizations
  • Help acquaint Canadians with all phases of life in the former USSR by promoting exchanges of books, displays, and exhibitions.Films of the USSR will be made available for audiences in Canada
  • Promote travel on the part of Canadians to all the Republics of the former USSR and assist their visitors to Canada in receiving the same courtesy that our visitors are accorded. Prospective travelers will be furnished with information on any Republic or city that they may wish to visit
  • Provide speakers who have special knowledge of life in the former Societ Union for organizations and schools that may request such a service
  • Assist in the dissemination of knowledge of each other’s resources, the promotion of mutually beneficial trade relations and the exchange of visits of representatives from both communities

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